My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was little. Unfortunately, I slowly got out of the habit until I decided to take it back up during my 30/30 project when I turned thirty. The world of embroidery had changed from prestamped geese on pillowcases.

My Projects

Embroidered Lampshades

Embroidered Quote

Creating Free, Easy Embroidery Patterns

Freehand Embroidery

Embroidered Throw Pillow (Sublime Stitching's Labyrinth Pattern)

No Sew Dog Sweater (but with some stitching, if you like!)

Other Resources

Sublime Stitching- Jenny Hart helped revolutionize the craft of embroidery. The go to site for modern patterns and tutorials.

Spotted Canary- More modern patterns and tutorials.

Mary Arden Needles- The best needles I've ever used.

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  1. just what I needed, I wanted to learn a new craft to embellish my crochet and knitting projects. thanks


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